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Leadership Communication and Presentation Impact
Easy Ways to Increase Presence and Impact in Meetings

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“Change your communication, change your life”

This is particularly true in the business world. Rapporta specialises in helping individuals enhance their authority, authenticity and leadership impact through developing specific communication and presentation skills know-how.

Featured Interview

MLAViv Oyolu of Dream Corner interviews Mary-Louise Angoujard about her background, her work and her approach to leadership development.

Mary-Louise interviewed by Viv Oyolu of Dream Corner

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The Corporate 3 is based on the older and original Corporate theme but has been completely redesigned and redeveloped for the new WordPress version 3.0 and begins a new phase for creating more professional themes.

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The Corporate 3 now has dynamic widgets that automatically resize based on how many you publish side-by-side. The widget area you see here has 4 widgets published and have automatically resized with equal spacing.

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Style your new website or blog with the built-in control panel which offers several settings to manage how your site will look, including colours, logo, type styles, showcase settings, Google, and other standard features people use.

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The latest trend now with WordPress themes is to take advantage of "shortcodes" which are like mini-templates that you copy & paste into your page or post without without having to mess with too much HTML coding.