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Leadership Communication and Presentation Impact

David Clements

Case Study: David Clements used training from Rapporta to help him progress to his current position of Marketing Director of international business throughout Europe and Asia for Tesco organisation.

Having been identified as a good manager, with the potential to be a director, David Clements had reached a transitional point in his career with retailer Tesco when he was introduced to the services of Rapporta. He also recognised that making the leap into the next level of management meant addressing a number of issues relating to his personal impact.

“It is easy” he says “for the body language of a laid-back person to give the outward impression of indifference, or to trail off vocally at the end of a presentation, when that is where you need to make most impact.” These are only a few of the issues he was able to identify and resolve as a direct result of executive coaching.

In an initial one-to-one coaching session, Mary-Louise Angoujard, professional trainer and founder of Rapporta, coached David on everything from his body language, posture, and presentation style (including personal presentation and style of dress) through to the more hard-edged strategic business communication tactics of visible leadership, wearing his authority, marketing himself more effectively within his organisation, and motivating and coaching his team. It was, says David, “Clear, sensible coaching, delivered in a simple, motivational manner”. The impact of the initial session was enhanced and extended with additional coaching six months later, after David had had time to put his new skills into practice.

“Busy executives don’t generally take time to look at themselves, yet everyone should consider taking time out to work on their leadership skills. It isn’t just about pushing your own agenda, it’s about getting more from your people because they feel good about the way they are managed, although ‘Making a positive impact in business meetings’ also made me think about setting an agenda and making a more spontaneous, positive contribution, which was noticed.”

Following his training with Rapporta, David Clements was appointed marketing director of More recently, recognition of David’s increased contribution and impact came with the invitation to apply for an even more senior role: that of Marketing Director of international business throughout Europe and Asia for the entire Tesco organisation.

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