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Leadership Communication and Presentation Impact

Presentation Skills Training and Coaching

  • Preparation
  • Audience Considerations
  • Personal Impact
  • Body language
  • Logistics and Practical details
  • Structure
  • Key Message Clarity
  • Delivery – energy, impact
  • Visuals – impact, clarity
Typical outcomes and benefits of Rapporta Presentation Skills training include:

  • increased visual and vocal impact
  • significantly more self-confidence
  • improved structure and clarity based on objectives and key messages
  • greater presence and authority
  • more ease with practicalities and handling the unexpected
  • increased ease with handling difficult situations and difficult situations with aplomb and confidence
  • meetings are more productive and objectives are met more often
  • audiences enjoy presentations, feel more involved and in rapport with the presenter
  • effective use of voice and body language
  • improved results and feedback from managers and colleagues
  • improved influencing and networking skills
  • it enhances leadership image.

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