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Leadership Communication and Presentation Impact

Diversity and Women’s Leadership Skills

Women’s Leadership Development

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Women’s Leadership – by Mary-Louise

Rapporta’s women’s leadership development training and coaching helps organisations make the most of their female talent by providing information about gender differences in communication, raising the profile of women’s leadership in general, and helping talented and capable women to improve in key areas that increase their confidence, presence and leadership impact.  As part of the wider issue of Diversity, we explore the impact of unconscious bias (which can affect not only women but anyone who may be seen as “different” when compared with the majority of managers within an organisation) and help managers meet the challenges it presents.

Sample elements of Rapporta Women’s Leadership Skills Development
  • research the current culture related to diversity/women’s leadership
  • engagement with the leadership team to clarify goals and objectives
  • identification and selection of candidates by the leadership team
  • initial introductions and engagement with candidates and line managers
  • design of programme and pre-course work
  • programme delivery: sessions take place over time to enable implementation between sessions
  • video coaching to develop personal awareness of communication impact
  • delegates report on implementation experiences and results
  • telephone coaching as well as face-to-face coaching
  • feedback from line managers on results
  • reviewing and reporting on implementation
  • measurement and formal reporting to the leadership team


McDonald’s Restaurants


See what McDonald’s leaders said about Rapporta Women’s leadership development…

McDonald’s Restaurants UK have invested in a Women’s Leadership Development programme for the past 4 years, which has proved highly effective.  Steve Easterbrook, now Executive Vice-President and Global Chief Brand Officer and Jill McDonald, now President and CEO, endorse the bespoke Women’s Leadership Development programme designed and delivered by Rapporta:


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