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Executive Coaching…

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About Rapporta – by Mary-Louise

Coaching has become an integral part of executive development and talent management.  Rapporta works with top executives who are already at the pinnacle of their success as well as up-and-coming executives and managers who are being groomed for senior leadership roles in the future.  Our coaching complements internal and external leadership development programmes by providing one-to-one support to the individual and helping him or her to  apply their skills, capabilities and learning for optimum results. 

Rapporta’s proven approach creates high-impact results beginning with the first session.  Typical outcomes of executive coaching with Rapporta include:

  • increased self-confidence as a manager and a leader
  • greater personal impact and gravitas
  • improved focus and achievement
  • better understanding of body language and vocal impact
  • understanding how others perceive your leadership and presentation style (participants rate our video coaching as one of the most valuable aspects of their coaching experience) 
  • increased personal and departmental profile within your company or industry
  • focus and positive action in dealing with difficult challenges
  • identifying new opportunities
  • growth in influencing effectiveness
  • improved coaching and delegation of your team
  • greater personal effectiveness
  • more motivated teams and improved productivity
  • increased contribution to bottom-line results

For a confidential discussion of how Rapporta Executive Coaching can support you or your organisation, please contact Mary-Louise Angoujard direct at or email

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