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Leadership Communication and Presentation Impact

Management & Leadership Development – Testimonials

David Clements, International Director of Marketing, Tesco:

“I have renewed confidence and self-belief, and just as importantly, for the business, the adjustment to my personal style means people now listen to me, because they know our discussion will be important. It was clear, sensible coaching, delivered in a simple, motivational manner.”


Lisa Hall, Manager of People Development and Customer Services, Global Refund (UK) Limited:

“I first started working with Rapporta when I joined Global Refund, having moved from Coca Cola Enterprises. I found that we share similar values with regard to the importance of client communication and service, and the Customer Communication programmes we developed were very well received. Later on, one of my biggest projects was to support a management feedback process for conducting one-to-one meetings with all staff. Rapporta provided excellent general guidelines and coaching for this, as well as a tailored Management Communication skills programme to develop and support all our managers’ specifically in this area.”


Keith Jones, Head of Internal Audit, Skandia Insurance Group:

“With executive coaching you achieve so much you forget how far you’ve come, and the benefits go beyond the workplace. That makes it incredibly good value for money.”


William McMullan, Country Manager, Euro Refund:

“I worked with Rapporta several years ago when I was with a different company and found their sales training to be very effective. I’m now a Country Manager for Euro Refund and last year I contacted Rapporta to help me train my sales team in consultative selling skills, key account management, presentation skills and negotiation. Rapporta have once again delivered a very comprehensive and effective training programme to support my strategic plan; my team has performed extremely well in difficult economic times.”


Hubertus Boese, International Marketing Director, Webasto (Germany):

“I have had more valuable feedback from you in a few hours than previously from whole presentation courses. There was fast revelation of key mistakes, and I now know how to get the audience involved in the first few minutes of my presentation – and how to keep their interest. I would absolutely recommend a similar coaching session from Rapporta to others, because there is a big gap between your own image and the real image with many colleagues.”


Diane Richardson, Account Manager, McCue Corporation:

“”Extremely useful, can’t wait to start using it. Very relevant as can be used with all our customers in any type of meeting.”


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