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Leadership Communication and Presentation Impact

Presentation Skills Training – Testimonials

C. Clowes, Tesco Group:

“I found your coaching extremely helpful and positive. Your direction and advice on development areas has given me true support in aiming to achieve my goals.”


Tracy Ellesmere, Director, Analyst Financials:

“From a company perspective, we achieved our two main objectives (for the programme). The feedback I have had from our staff has been positive too, in that they believe the sessions will help them improve their communication skills both at work and socially as well.”


Mike O’Donnell, Project Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine:

“(The session was) very relevant – meetings will be more productive in terms of question quality.”


D. Featherstone, Alix Partners:

“I have started to put some of this to work.  We had a conference call with the senior leaders of our firm, including our president, which I led this week.  I got unsolicited positive feedback on the call.  Nothing works quite as well as success!”


Alana Loomes, McCue Corporation:

“I learnt an awful lot on presentation skills in terms of voice, stance & body language. Also how to structure without overdoing it. A very enjoyable day, very relevant in work (and outside of work).”


Feedback from a recent Impact & Presentation Skills Workshop

The workshop was relevant to my job and the tools/skills will be useful:
  • “Because the presentation course covered both presentations within a meeting environment as well as stand up presentation it was immediately applicable to everyday work.”
  • “I would have really benefited from this earlier on in the programme.”
  • “Very much focused on areas most relevant to my personal development needs.”
  • “It is rare that you have the opportunity to review your own performance via video recordings. The opportunity to close the gap between self perception and others perception is a very powerful.”
  • “Great course to bring together material on courses already attended.”

The workshop met or exceeded my personal expectations:
  • “Really well run course with great facilitators. But the subject area is outside of my comfort zone, a bit of a block for me so it was really valuable but also quite uncomfortable.”
  • “I had heard a lot of great things about the course and so had high expectations. Although the course was great, I felt that there was so much that we could have gained from the two fantastic facilitators either one-on-one or with smaller groups or with another day. Also, it would have been nice to have done more practice and videoing.”
  • “The two areas that I needed to focus on were impact in meetings and how to sell myself to the leadership team. Both these areas were covered plus more.”
  • “Very impressed by the facilitators and the development areas we covered.”
  • “It was very well facilitated. Bearing in mind the quantity of feedback, to land all feedback in such a constructive manner was very impressive.”
  • “Had been a little nervous about the filming, but the way it was used was very insightful the instructors put everyone at their ease!”

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